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Author Title Year Publisher Info
Mazur, Joseph What’s luck got to do with it? The history, mathematics, and psychology of the gambler’s illusion
2010 Princeton University Press, Princeton Info
Pages:  277
Edition:  1.
ISBN/ISSN:  978-0-691-13890-9
Gould, Ronald J. Mathematics in games, sports, and gambling. The games people play.
2010 Chapman & Hall / CRC, Boca Raton Info
Pages:  354 s.
ISBN/ISSN:  978-1-4398-0163-5
Epstein, Richard A. The theory of gambling and statistical logic
2009 Academic Press, Burlington Info
Pages:  442
Edition:  2.
ISBN/ISSN:  978-0-12-374940-6
Ethier, Stewart N. & William R. Eadington (eds.) Optimal play. Mathematical studies of games and gambling
2007 Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming, University of Nevada, Reno Info
Pages:  550
Edition:  1.
ISBN/ISSN:  978-0-9796873-0-3
Packel, Edward The mathematics of games and gambling
2006 The Mathematical Association of America Info
Pages:  175
Edition:  2.
ISBN/ISSN:  978-0-88385-646-8

The Anneli Lax New Mathematical Library Volume 28