Review of Applications

The applications must fall within the academic scope of the Finnish Foundation for Gaming Research.

In the review of applications particular attention is paid to the quality of the research proposal. A good proposal is comprehensive, logical, and well written and argued. Academic competence, feasibility, originality, and relevance are among the criteria of evaluation.

The merits of the applicant will be considered, including one’s publication record. Student applicants will benefit from demonstrated scholarly success and organization skills.

The letters of recommendation accompanying the application carry major weight in the assessment of the significance and feasibility of the project. If one person submits a letter of recommendation for more than one applicant, the applicants’ recommended mutual ranking will be taken into account.

In support of the review process support may be sought from the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board and from outside experts. Decisions concerning individual applications will not be explained nor are the names of the referees made public. The academic integrity of the review process is supervised by the Foundation’s Research Director. The decisions on grants are made by the Board of the Foundation.

Elements related to international visibility and attractiveness, public debate, and science policy may be considered in the review and decision-making process.