Instructions for Applications

The same application form applies to all four categories of the Finnish Foundation for Gaming Research grants. The form must be filled out thoroughly and concisely, mere referring to an appended research proposal and other appendices is not sufficient.

The application must be accompanied by a referenced research proposal (max 6 pages), the applicant’s curriculum vitae, and a list of publications. The research proposal must cover the project’s schedule, publication plan, and total budget.

Letters of recommendation supporting the application (max 2) should be given to the applicant in a sealed envelope, included in the application package, and delivered to the Foundation office by the application deadline.

Applications for a congress travel grant must include information about the paper presentation, poster, or panel, and a travel plan. Applications for travel grants may also be more informal, if mentioned during the call.

Applications for grants for Master’s theses must include a reliable statement of the applicant’s grades (e.g., an official transcript from one’s university).