Grant Use and Reporting

The grant must be used for the purpose stated in the application. The use of the grant must begin within one year from the date of award and be completed within three years from the date of award.

Recipients of a personal grant for full-time research must attend to the mandatory pension fund payments. Recipients of a travel grant must obtain a traveler’s insurance.

The applicant must inform the Finnish Foundation for Gaming Research about other grants obtained during the funding period.

The successful applicants must report about the use of the grant to the Foundation’s Research Director within three months after the end of the funding period or the project. The report must include an overview of progress, key findings, and publications. Returning applicants should enclose a progress report in the new application.

The successful applicant is responsible for any possible tax arrangements required by the grant. The Foundation makes no deductions, but sends information of this year’s grants to the National Board of Taxes in the following January.

The Foundation wishes that its funding is acknowledged in publications related to its grants, following good scientific practice. A bibliographic reference and, preferably, a copy of each publication should be sent to the Foundation office for the enrichment of the Foundation’s publication data bank.