Available Grants

The Finnish Foundation for Gaming Research awards four types of grants:

  1. Personal grants for full-time research
  2. Travel grants
  3. Grants for publications and seminars
  4. Grants for Master’s theses


Personal grants for full-time research are for scholars dedicated to full-time research. The Foundation especially funds talented doctoral students and young scholars who have recently defended a doctoral dissertation and who wish to continue their research career, building international visibility. Also established scholars can apply for this grant, which will be awarded for a maximum of one year at a time. In 2013 a personal grant for full-time research amounted to a maximum of €23,000. The sum includes mandatory payments to the pension fund.

Travel grants cover travel, lodging, and participation expenses that occur from academic paper-, poster-, or panel presentations related to the soci(et)al and cultural dimensions of gambling. Also the promotion of international high-profile collaborative projects and gaming-themed ethnographic fieldwork can be funded. Travel grant recipients must obtain a travel insurance. Per diem expenses will not be covered.

Grants for publications and seminars can be awarded to promote high-quality book or translation projects, to support visualization of publications, or to cover costs of archival work. Also available in this category is funding for the organization of seminars and academic gaming-related instruction.

Talented Master’s students are eligible for thesis grants (max €4,000 each), which may be used for necessary travel expenses. Applicants who seek to continue their studies toward a doctoral degree are a priority.

No funding is available for the purchase of equipment.