The library has moved to a new location, welcome to house warming event on 20.12.2018

We are celebrating the new location of our library in a house warming event on Thursday 20th December 2018. Please, pop in for some gluhwein and gingerbread, and check out the library materials. The Secretary General, Anssi Airas will also be there, to discuss the novelties and latest foundation activities.

The library is now to be found in:
EHYT ry,
Elimäenkatu 25-27
00510 Helsinki

The library is in the 4th floor lobby, the street level entrance to the lifts is open on weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The door to the library is locked, so please on other occations, make an appointment at forehand with Sirpa Huostila, tel. +358 50 3447930.